Currently open on the 2nd floor of Ko-Q-Kan III in front of Kurashiki Station.
Please inquire about today's business hours.
TEL 090-4103-5989 (Attn: “Mama”, lady of the house)
Business hours: 20:00-00:00

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Snack LENTO is a place where you can relax and have a drink in a calm atmosphere near Kurashiki Station and the Bikan Historical Quarter.
We offer a wide variety of sake, a uniquely Japanese alcoholic beverage. In particular, we feature Jizake, made from local water and rice, each with distinct regional characteristics.
We also have karaoke machines available, so you can spend your time singing your favorite songs while enjoying your drinks.


Snack LENTO is a place designed for enjoying sake leisurely.
We provide a relaxing space and delicious drinks.
Female visitors are also welcome. We are available for various occasions such as travel, work, and private gatherings.
For more information on how to spend your time in the snack bar, please see [Store Information]

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LENTO is located on the 2nd floor of Ko-Q-Kan III in the heart of the downtown area in front of Kurashiki Station.