The concept of a “snack” is one of the long-standing traditions in Japanese drinking culture.
At LENTO, you can experience this snack culture casually.
We look forward to you embracing Japanese culture and relishing our shared moments with drinks.

We apologize for any inconvenience that language barriers may cause.
While our staff members are not fluent in English, let’s enjoy interaction using translation apps and so on!

Owner “Mama”, lady of the house, Junko Takemoto

Enjoying at LENTO

Snack LENTO provides a comfortable space for those who want to enjoy drinks and conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.
We are confident you will feel completely at ease even if it is your first time visiting a Japanese snack bar.

1.Our staff will first show you to your seat.

Communicating in slow, simple English, or using a translation app will help make your interactions with our staff smoother.

2.We mainly recommend the all-you-can-drink, time-based course.

Our staff will explain the menu.
Please enjoy as many glasses of sake, whiskey, shochu, etc. as you like from among those set in the course.
Appetizers and karaoke served together are complimentary.

Karaoke is always available.
Feel free to sing as many songs as you like within the basic fee.
Please ask our staff and we will prepare it for you.

Inside LENTO
Inside LENTO
Inside LENTO
Owner “Mama”, lady of the house, Junko Takemoto
Advanced Enjoyment

As part of Japanese bar culture, there is an unspoken understanding that customers are expected to pay for drinks shared with staff.
This is a chic Japanese cultural way of showing appreciation to the staff for sharing enjoyable moments.
It’s a similar concept to tipping in other countries.

As part of your experience enjoying Japanese snacks, if a staff member asks, ‘May I have a drink with you?’ we encourage you to say yes and enjoy a drink together.

Advanced Enjoyment

3.When the course time is over, it’s time for payment.

Our staff will ask you if you would like to extend your course or if you would like to conclude your visit.

Store Information


2nd Floor, Ko-Q-Kan Ⅲ
2-18-9 Achi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture 710-0055

Phone Number

(Attn: “Mama”, lady of the house)


Sunday, Holidays
Year-end and New Year holidays

Business hours

20:00 – 00:00